New Beauty Essentials Kit

Beauty Essentials Kit

  • $22.50

Travel with all the beauty essentials in this kit that includes nail polish remover (2.25X3), deodorant (2.25X3), stain remover (2.25X3), earring backs, hair elastics (0.5), a sewing kit, one nail file (0.75X2.5), double-sided tape (2.25in.L.), a dental floss pick (3in.L.), hair pins (1.6in.L.) and nail clippers (2inL.). Find all of the essentials inside of a glitter pouch detailed with a gold bow on the front and a zipper closure. 2 Assorted Colors: Silver, Rose Gold. PU, PET, Paper, Elastic, Thread, Metal.

Dimensions: 4X1.75X3.5

Sku: 472055

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